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Defence Spouse Care Packages

When I first started MWL I knew I wanted a way for spouses to let other spouses know they were amazing and supported and valued. Cue the Lots of Love care package.

This care package is something that a friend or family member can nominate a spouse to receive anonymously, for free, as a way of letting them know we see them and all that they do.

I would sit up late at night putting them together (I still do). I would lovingly and painstakingly put individual decals on every box. I believed in the power of these boxes so much that I funded them myself. Each package of self care goodies cost over $30 to send.

I didn’t know how I would, financially, keep up with sending them. All I knew was that, no matter what, I had to keep sending them.

I would get messages like “You don’t know what this package means to me” and “This box has made my week. I didn’t know how I would get out of bed today and you have given me the boost to keep going”

Fast forward a year and even I am amazed at the impact these boxes have had and the support I have received for them!

When my partner Defence Bank came on board, not only did they agree that the boxes had to stay and that they would financially back me to allow that but they wanted to add EVEN more to the boxes by gifting a $25 eftpos card to every recipient of the box!!!

I can’t tell you the overwhelming feeling I get when someone, who isn’t me, sees the importance and need to acknowledge defence spouses for all that they do and sacrifice and juggle. All of it!!!

That feeling, that feeling keeps me going, pushing to help spouses more, to tell our stories, to bring us all together in this awesome community!

Hands up if you or someone you know has received a Lots of Love care package?

To hear more about some of the amazing stories behind the Lots of Love Box nominations check out the linked Military Wife Life Podcast episode (ep90) below.