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We are all experiencing Lockdown differently!
We are experiencing lock down differently

Some of us are enjoying the slower pace.

Some of us are just trying to get through the day.

Some of us have been severely hit financially.

Some of us are happy isolation is helping us save money.

Some of us are at breaking point.

Some of us are just coasting along.

Some of us are overwhelmed.

Some of us see this as a bump in the road.

Some of us feel defeated and tired.

Some of us feel strong.

We might be in this together but we aren’t all experiencing this in the same way.

Whatever experience you are having and whatever you are feeling I want you to know I am here. We are here.

We might not be going through it in the same way you are but we are here for you and beside you and sometimes that’s all you need to hear to get you through another day. To get you to the next funny moment that pulls you through. To get you through to the next sunrise that gives you hope. To get you through to that phone call from your military person or that snuggle from your fur baby.