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UPDATE- The First TWO years of Defence Life


The First TWO Years of being a Defence Family


Defence Partner Jeni from ep98 returns to the Military Life Podcast to update us on the first few years of Defence Life.

Back in 2021, Jeni and I spoke about her upcoming move across the country for her husband’s first posting, the transition from civilian to defence family life after being together for 13 years, leaving friends and family and helping their kids start fresh in WA.

We also spoke about acknowledging your capacity when taking on the mental and physical load of the household while also figuring out Defence Life.

In this update episode, Jeni updates us on how the move ended up going and what the first few years of Defence Life have been like for their family.

We cover it all. Settling kids, experiencing their first deployment, finding employment, living in DHA housing for the first time, being on the other side of the country from friends and family and everything familiar.

Have a listen to ep98 below if you would like to refresh your memory on Jeni’s story but be sure to come back and listen to the Update Ep (155) because it has such great insight regarding the first few years of Defence Life!