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Our Partner is a Perfect fit!

You all know that my decision to bring a partner onboard wasn’t something I took lightly.

Together, we have built a community that is supportive and inclusive and bonded.

We have built this circle of trust with each other. A sisterhood. A tribe.

A place I and all of you feel comfortable sharing the real and the raw of military life…all of it.

I have poured my heart and soul and everything I have too give into Military Wife Life.

For a lot of us, including myself, MWL is a lifeline sometimes.

So it’s because of all of that I was cautious about partnering with someone. There was no way I wanted to jeopardise all that we have created.

But right from the start I knew Defence Bank were going to be the perfect fit for MWL.

Right from the start it was clear this guy right here, Michael, just got MWL and all that this Defence community is about.

Not once has he asked me to change or tweak or turn MWL into something different.

Right from the start he saw MWL for all that it WAS and IS and has only ever wanted to build that up and support that.

So just know that MWL’s partner isn’t some big faceless corporate company.

Our partner is made up of people like Michael who see the value and importance in Defence partners stories being told via the Military Wife Life podcast.

People like Michael who call and send check in emails during the bushfires and COVID19 to ask how the MWL community is going.

People like Michael who want to support our Lots of Love military spouse care packages by asking what more Defence Bank can add to make them extra special for those receiving them.

Our partner is made up of people like Michael who ask what more they can DO for the MWL community.

I would say that is a perfect fit, wouldn’t you?