Spouse INFO Hub

The Need to Know BASICS


Welcome to the Military Partner Info Hub aka M-P-I-H in military acronym speak!

Think of this space as your basic guide to Australian Military life! Yay

I’ve translated all that ‘military speak’, untangled that need-to-know but don’t-know-where-to-find-it information and laid it all out in one easy-to-navigate space in easy-to-understand language.


Queue a huge sigh of relief!


I know how confusing it can be taking the leap into Military Life to support someone you love. I’ve been there. I’ve cried the tears of frustration. I’ve scoffed the chocolate in confusion. I’ve spent hours scrolling through never-ending documents and info sheets. I’ve asked question after question of the Military member sometimes they just don’t get it.


I’ve felt uninformed and disempowered.


I don’t want it to be that hard for you or for you to feel those feels.


So, whether you’re a shellshocked newbie trying to decode rapid-fired acronyms or a seasoned spouse looking for yet another thing you didn’t know existed until you needed it, I’ve got your back.

This community has your back.

Because that’s what the ML community does.

We support each other. We share our knowledge, our tips and our tricks. And we give it to you in real speak. We get it like only a fellow military partner gets it.

Let’s do this Together! xx