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Defence Partner Friendly Employers

The reality is some spouses will move every two to three years while their defence person is serving.

Some resign from their job with each posting order, some have gaps in their work history or stop and start higher education.

It can be tricky to find an employer that understands the defence lifestyle and some of the considerations and accommodations that Defence Partners soooo appreciate and need while living Defence Life.

That’s why it’s important to highlight those employers *SEE BELOW* doing amazing things in this space thanks to their understanding of Defence Partners and what Defence Partners need and want.



Career Evolution Program

With the Career Evolution Program, you can solve some of the nation’s biggest problems. As a military partner or veteran, you understand the importance of communication, leadership and adaptability and those skills are transferable to our world. This program will help evolve your career and unlock your future in consulting. Over 12 months, you’ll work alongside our inspiring leaders in a wide range of our Canberra-based teams to find out what sparks your interest.

Our Career Evolution Program provides a new pathway to a career in consulting. Specifically designed for military partners and people from a military background, the program includes 12 months of rapid skills development designed to upskill participants and get them ready to shine at PwC.