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Sometimes it feels like finding the balance between being a Defence Partner and having a career, not just a career but one that you LOVE, is as precarious as walking a tightrope. Over croc-infested waters. On a windy day.

But Defence Partners are a resourceful lot and we make it work. Take it from someone who has walked the career tightrope and is still walking it – it can be done.

It might not be easy or a straight tightrope aka path or exactly how you envisioned getting to your career goals but a meaningful career is possible.

Partner Employment Assistance Program

There is assistance out there to help Defence Partners find and keep various types of employment- in-home or remote work, help with your resume, self-employment, securing new accreditation.

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Defence Partner Friendly Employers

Find out more about the Defence Partner Friendly Employers from around Australia doing amazing things and helping spouses find and retain meaningful employment- not always an easy feat.

Education Support for Defence Partners