Defence Community Centres & Groups

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Let me help you connect with your local Defence Community


Figuring out and actually living Defence life can be a lot.




Yes, you have your Defence member, but it can feel as though you’re both having totally different experiences when it comes to posting in and out, finding friends, employment…. all the things!


It can feel like no one truly understands the everyday challenges or the celebrations of Defence Life and that can be isolating and really lonely.


Finding community and connection with other Defence Partners who just get it is so important. Yes it can seem a little scary at first. Walking into a room full of people is overwhelming. Logging into that online event is hard.


But what if going along to that Defence Community Centre or Group or Online Event results in a lifelong friendship with someone who just gets you, someone who just gets Defence life- your person?


Check out some of the ways to connect in your area through the below links.