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ALBURY- TRANSITION Seminar for ADF Members & Families

July 24, 2024

ALBURY ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar

Landing page - ADF Member and Family Transition Seminar Registration (including SLG) (eventsair.com)

Transition Seminars provide information to assist Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and families to prepare for transition to civilian life. It is mandatory for members to attend a Transition Seminar within 12 months of their separation date.

Seminars are delivered in three formats- face-to-face, virtual-live (interactive) or virtual-static access (not interactive – available 24/7) and provide information on programs and services provided by:

  • Transition Coaches
  • Joint Health Command
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
  • ADF Financial Consumer Services Centre
  • external service organisations.

Registration link and the 2024 Program for face-to-face (including SLG Transition Seminars), virtual-live interactive and non-interactive seminars are outlined below. Note that the schedule is subject to change and venues will be advised.

For registration purposes, the defence email address must be utilised. If the defence email address cannot be accessed, please provide personal email address to receive all correspondence

Registrations will close:

  • 10 days prior to a face-to-face event, or when venue capacity limit is reached
  •  3 days prior to any virtual offering.

Click the ABOVE LINK for further INFO or to secure your tickets

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