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BIG decisions after ONE month of dating an ADF member!


BIG decisions after ONE month of dating an

ADF member: Emily’s Story



When it comes to love, some people wait years to find their perfect match. But for Emily, it only took one month of dating to realise that her ADF partner was worth moving States and starting fresh hundreds of kilometres away from family and friends.

In this week’s Military Life podcast episode, Emily shares her journey of taking the leap and moving from NSW to South Australia with her ADF member.

It all started when Emily matched with her ADF partner on a dating app. Soon after, he would leave to complete further defence training and then post to South Australia.

So just one month into dating, Emily found herself having some big conversations about what would happen if they stayed together long distance and then reuniting and moving to be with him.

How would it all work?

Was moving States for someone she had only known for one month the right decision?

What would defence life be like?

Despite some hesitation from family and friends because hello…. deciding to relocate and move in with someone you had only known for one month is a huge decision and even though they weren’t yet recognised as a couple in the eyes of defence Emily and her ADF partner took the leap.

After some big conversations, Emily and her ADF partner decided that they were both on board to give their relationship the chance to be something great.

Listen to episode 151 of the Military Life Podcast to find out what happened when they posted to South Australia, moved in and lived together for the first time, established new friend and support networks and everything in between.